JISOO - ‘꽃(FLOWER)’ Music Video

Jisoo from BLACKPINK debuted her first solo single 꽃(FLOWER) a few minutes ago and it already has more than 1 million views. The song is gorgeous and showcases her stable and gorgeous vocals. But the fashion! The set design! The not-so-subtle Dior ad placement!

Jisoo plays a woman scorned in what looks like a Parisian hotel.

Jisoo Flower Dress
This shot reminded me Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood for Love


JISOO - ‘꽃(FLOWER)’ M/V Floral Dress
Look at this corseted gown made of floral upholstery...the soft romantic updo and pearl necklace is just 👌


Jisoo Black Dress
Her makeup looks really good in every scene too


JISOO - ‘꽃(FLOWER)’ M/V Lace Dress
Should I casually wear a lace-y ballerina dress while getting dressed? I think I should.

 Jisoo Pink Dress

I just love a hot pink moment.


JISOO - ‘꽃(FLOWER)’ M/V Floral Dress Purple Dress
The vibrant layered purple colors in this shot are really nice. Excuse me while I watch this video a hundred times this weekend.
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